Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Another food scandal

Just after the problems with pesticides being found on Chinese-made gyoza (possibly intentionally added in China) another Japanese company has been caught selling old/recycled food products as new. This was intentional too, of course. The difference is that we don't know if anyone got sick because of it. One might note that according to a news article that I read a few days ago, at present the only time that a local government is required to report food poisonings is if 50 people or more are sickened, so it does raise questions about whether or not anyone has been sickened. (I don't recall where I read the article.)

A Miyazaki-based syrup maker (Honey Co.) has for decades been repackaging and reshipping snow cone syrup that had been returned due to defective cartons after reheating it and attaching new use-by dates, according to the company's president. More here.

I still have not heard of the Japanese government taking any action to increase inspections/insure the safety of Japanese food products. I doubt they ever will unless disaster hits and it cannot be blamed on foreign companies/countries/people. Bet Aso is happy that the latest Japanese food scandal is being underplayed because of the gyoza scandal.

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