Friday, February 01, 2008

Japan and Hatoyama kill more 3 people because they value life

more than the Europeans. (Well, that is what "Justice" Minister Hennayama---oops Hatayama has claimed earlier in defending Japan's executions.)

Justice Minister Kunio Hatoyama said that Japan, the only major developed country other than the United States to apply the death penalty, should hang inmates as a matter of course.

"For extremely vicious criminal cases, public opinion holds that death sentences must be handed down and carried out," Hatoyama said.

"We have considered a variety of factors so that we can carry out executions in a methodical manner, rather than thinking about the intervals and the timing," he told reporters.....The justice ministry identified the three executed men as Masahiko Matsubara, 63, Takashi Mochida, 65, and Keishi Nago, 37.

Damn, we don't want any thinking by Hatayama. Imagine, having to actually think about signing a death warrant to kill someone. That would be troublesome for a man who values life so much more than non-Japanese. Full story here.

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