Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Innocent Victim of sneaky foreingers?

A guy suspected of murdering his wife in 1981 in L.A. was arrested in Guam and faces extradition to the US. He had been previously convicted of attempted murder in the case in Japan as I understand it, but acquitted of murder. (She was shot in the head and him in the leg while they were supposedly taking photos of a parking lot!)

His defense attorneys and some others on news programs are expressing out rage the the US would arrest a guy acquitted of murder in Japan. Unfortunately, these lawyers seem to know nothing about the law, or else they are just trying to baffle folks with bull.

The murder was in the US. US law was violated. There is no statute of limitations in the US for murder (unlike in Japan). Just because the people involved were Japanese does not mean that the US has no jurisdiction in this case. Japan actually is the one with no jurisdiction. (Most programs that I have seen have someone who has a clue at the very end of the piece explaining why this guy is being arrested now and some of the background and likely new evidence in the case.

This seems to be big news as it has been all over TV for 2 days. Not really sure why, but it was a big story when it happened too.The Japan Times article is here.

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