Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tokyo government

under the rightist nutter, Ishihara, is again being sued by teachers who were punished for refusing Ishihara's directive to stand and sing during the playing of the Japanese national anthem. Ishihara's gov't has lost a suit already on this so may lose this one. But as noted in the article, Ishihara and his fellow thugs in the Tokyo government see no need to follow the law. He is losing popularity now though because he and his kin have been caught with their fingers in the taxpayer's cookie jar. (And yea, that's foreign residents' cookie jar too.)

The U.S. House is also close to passing a resolution calling on Japan to admit and apologize, clearly and explicitly for their enslavement of the so-called "comfort women" in WW2. Japan had sent people to lobby against this. Of course they have their permanent lobbyists in Washington to help. Oh, there will be howls and whines of protests over this. The defense will be a bunch of red herrings or other illogical non-sense such as "America enslaved people too," (meaning it's OK because everyone does it) or "It's all Chinese, Korean, and American lies and racism." Hell will freeze into a solid block of ice before the current government does any such thing. Doesn't match with Abe's vision of "A beautiful (nationalist) country." This article is HERE

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