Monday, February 12, 2007

Interestingly---or maybe not---after posting about the magazine (New Magazine Sells Fear of Foreigners) which promotes the "foreigners are all dangerous criminal" idea, I was watching channel 6 news tonight. They had a segment on the growing popularity of Japan's ski resort with foreigners---mostly from Australia as you would guess---and at the end of the story, they naturally had to add something that showed just how much trouble those damned foreigners were. They showed several men at night outside on the street, said to be foreigners (they were far away and faces were blurred) drunk and in a snowball fight. They were in the middle of the road and a Japanese guy in a car almost hit them. He got out and gave them hell---yes, it is shocking that he would confront dangerous foreign thugs singlehandedly, but he did.

It never fails. Anything to do with foreigners in Japan has to somehow end up with how much trouble they are, how dangerous they could be, and how they could threaten the innocent pure Japanese of WW2 fame. Do all Japanese fall for this bigoted shit? No. But you can bet that given this manure from childhood, that many do.

To yield the point to Japan-apologists and explainers, yes, there are racists in my country too. Of course, this excuses the Japanese. Oh, yes I am white, so naturally I can't say anything since many whites (and nearly every group) are racist. So we can't really say that anything done in Japan that appears racist, bigoted or sexist is.

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