Monday, February 12, 2007

Not that there is bigotry or racism in Japan, but

Compared to many other countries, discrimination against foreigners in Japan is quite benign. No beatings and killings in this country. There are some businesses that won't accept foreigners, but that more often than not has to do with the fear of not being able to give adequate service than a dislike of foreigners. Unfortunately, this month a very nasty magazine, flagrantly aimed at creating fear of foreigners, was put on sale. Human rights activist Debito Arudou reports on "Foreign Crime Underground Files":

Well, it is nothing new for anyone who lives here and is somewhat aware of what goes on, but you can find the rest of the story New Magazine Sells Fear of Foreigners on is a great site for news about Japan. It is not sugarcoated fantasyland crap either. There is also an interesting article concerning the reported increase in crimes in Japan here.

By the way, naturally there has been beatings and killings of non-Japanese in Japan. You won't read a lot about them in the Japanese press though, except perhaps buried on page 8 if printed at all. If it becomes an international incident (the former British Airlines stewardess who was murdered several years ago and whose murder the police did not seriously try to solve until Tony Blair leaned on Koizumi) then there will be coverage. Any time a Japanese is injured by a non-Japanese, it is MAJOR news.

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