Thursday, February 08, 2007

Amazon Japan ( Marketplace

Ever used that to order something from I have in the past a few times from sellers located in Japan. Last week I ordered a book from a place in Britain. I didn't check to see which country it was in before ordering--my mistake. Didn't know Amazon listed placed on the moon or elsewhere. Well, the 1-2 days to dispatch has now gone to 8 days. Gonna be gone for a week before it arrives--if it ever does. To cancel an order, I have to go to Amazon and jump through hoops to reach the seller in Britain. Too late to cancel now if it has been shipped. Of course I cannot tell if it has. If it never arrives, and worse comes to worse, Amazon will refund my money. But it will be a process from hell.

Lesson learned. Never, ever order from Amazon Marketplace.

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