Monday, February 05, 2007


Could this McDonald's be the dirtiest on earth? Well, I couldn't go that far with it, but it could be in the running for the title. Go to the second floor, and if you can breathe with all the second-hand smoke, look at the floors and tabletops and judge for yourself. You can check both the smoking and non-smoking sections with no problem, for as is usual in Japanese McDonalds there is no separation between the sections. Smoking is on one side of the room, non-smoking the other. (So what is the point?)

The nearby Wendy's may be in a contest with this McD's for the unclean championship, though one would not be shocked at a less than pristine Wendy's. Amazingly, the usually dirty KFC (I cannot ever remember an especially clean one) is extremely clean in this town.

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