Sunday, February 25, 2007

Screw You World, the Truth from Japan about WW2

From: Telling the Truth at Yasukuni

The Honorable Hisahiko Okazaki-sama wrote in the 23 February 2007 Japan Times about his involvement in redoing some of the wonderfully historically accurate work at the Yasukuni shrine, home of numerous Class A war criminals who are not really considered criminals in Japan.

My primary objective in modifying the exhibits is to protect the intellectual integrity (???!!!) of Yasukuni Shrine...I did not think it would be proper to take into consideration the opinions of certain other countries. (There are no facts, just opinions. I agree. The USA did not firebomb Tokyo or use atomic weapons against Japan. Never happened. It is just lies, propaganda, and biased opinions.)

...It is a historical fact that Roosevelt induced Japan to carry out a first strike...(poor Japan. Had no choice. Could not resist. Could not cease killing Chinese. Victim again.)

...Northern China operations: The threshold of the Japan-China war was the Marco Polo Bridge Incident in 1937. At the same time the Japanese government was trying to resolve this incident peacefully, the Guanganmen Incident and the Second Shanghai Incident took place... It is a historical fact that all three incidents were the result of Chinese provocation. (Emphasis mine) I will not yield on this point...

...It was true that since the Xian Incident in the beginning of 1937, Kuomintang-Communist collaboration against Japan gained momentum and resulted in a number of incidents initiated by the Chinese (emphasis mine) around the time the war started...(those pesky Chinese, victimizing the poor, misunderstood, peace-loving Japanese Imperial Army in China)

Regarding the so-called Nanjing Massacre, I paid serious attention to original text that depicted only events that were supported by historical facts. It would impair the intellectual integrity of Yasukuni Shrine if we added more modifications out of consideration to other countries' responses, because doing so might simply stem from secondhand evidence and propaganda-like assertions. (Note the use of "so-called." Nanjing did not happen! A myth just like the "so-called" Holocost by Japan's WW2 allies, the Nazis! Japan is neutral. No propaganda or manipulated evidence here!)

Note that Okazaki had no problem going beyond original material if he could cite it for support, such as Kissinger's book which sort made a claim somewhat in the direction that Okazaki could use to cite as support.

So, is Japan really sorry for anything it did in WW2, or is it a victim? One gets more of a sense of victimhood for some reason. Can't understand why nobody believe Japan's sincerity when it says it regrets some bad things which it may have done in WW2 but didn't really do or was forced to do by evil outsiders and foreigners.

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