Friday, January 08, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Beggar Thy Neighbor(s)

Japan's newly appointed finance minister Naoto Kan has called for a weaker yen in order to aid the recovery of the Japanese economy...

...Mr Kan said he would seek to work with Japan's central bank on the issue, prompting speculation that he might order official intervention. BBC

But why not? For we common folk in Japan, our economic health is more important than some abstract principle. For the dynamic new leaders of the Japan there is no need to worry: The US and others will moan a bit, but otherwise not much will happen. We can call this another step on the path to a more equal relationship or more of the same old crap thought up by fossil-brained geezers with old, old, old, old, old ideas in place of a plan. No we Kan't! No we Kan't!

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