Wednesday, January 20, 2010

(Not) Only in Japan

It appears that the keitai bloatware disease, the washing machines that you can not turn on or off without 328 touchpad entries, the microwaves that you have to know the secret code to cook a cup of instant ramen, the HD-DVD player like my effing junkpile Toshiba that actually orders me to "wait" before taking 10 minutes to start a DVD, the Victor wide-screen TV that takes longer than an old tube TV to start up because it is checking for messages (!), the Hitachi "dryer" that does not actually dry clothes, but just whirls them around in slightly warm air for 3 hours or more, are not only limited to Japan.

Ken Rockwell,* the notoriously controversial guy who usually blasphemes pixel peepers and "measurbators," wrote an article that seems so close to home. At Everything New Sucks.

I guess the ceiling mounted heaters that require classes to operate and heat only the upper part of the room (heat rises?!!) have not yet made it overseas. There is still some hope.

*You gotta understand that Ken has a sense of humor. Some folks chew the legs off their desks every time his name is mentioned.

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