Saturday, January 02, 2010

English-reading smorkers and dopers be warned!

Denenchofu's new Dada Theque Cafe is not for you!

The neighborhood has apparently gone all to hell since Yukio Hatoyama moved out a few months ago. Two or three years ago, you couldn't even buy a beer in the convenience stores and now it's come to this.

Not sure why this is only written in English---there is a notice for Japanese readers below about no unaccompanied young kids, but no anti-doper warnings in Japanese that I could see. It's an innocent omission, I am sure.

Wonder if they will stock issues of High Times?

Medical help for smorking addressed here.


  1. If you use the rest room in these establishments don't forget to flash the toilet.

  2. That must be why no drugs are permitted, otherwise folks would tend to forget to flash.