Sunday, July 12, 2009

Taihen! Poor LDP loses Tokyo Assembly majority

You know how when you were a kid you'd get all excited during elections and stay up until late at night listening to the results? OK, maybe only the nuttier kids did, but in order to try to regain some interest in the political world, I have been suffering NHK TV coverage of the Tokyo election.

Things continue to look bad for the party of MangaMan. Just a moment ago, it was DPJ 39, LDP 5, Komeito (for all practical purposes the same as the LDP) 3.

NHK showed a quick comparison to the last Tokyo election when the LDP/Komeito won 70, and the DPJ won 40 total correction: 55 total. (Will have to confirm this doesn't look right. 1130pm The 55 includes other opposition parties in addition to the DPJ.)

I was a bit embarrassed to see that Ota-ku leaned a little more to the LDP/Komeito* than I wanted, but I live close enough to the ward line that I can happily claim Setagaya-ku which so far seems to have chosen a little better.

*Just heard that there is a large Komeito-related temple in Kamata which might explain Ota-ku.

Update 10:25: The gap is closing a bit: LDP/Komeito: 22. DPJ: 45

1040 pm: Oh, the rookie mistake of getting overly excited about early returns: LDP/Komeito 32, DPJ 46. Still looks like a solid win for the DPJ, but I don't want to jinx it.

1108 pm: 50 each, LDP/Komeito and the DPJ. I take back what I said earlier about Ota-ku and Setagaya-ku.

1109 pm: I despise blogger. Where did my 1058 go? Auto-not-saved.

1134 pm: LDP/Komeito 58, DPJ 52, others: 10. Still waiting for 7.

1145 pm: Counting has slowed to a snail's pace. LDP/Komeito 58; DPJ: 54; others: 11. Remaining: 4.

1200 am: LDP/Komeito: 59; DPJ: 54; others 11; remaining; 3.

The LDP has lost its majority. An urban defeat, but still a defeat. As Fish would say in Allie McBeal, "Bygones."

Even better: Ishihara, 76, is clearly anxious about the outcome as he will face a much more difficult time managing the Tokyo metropolitan government if the assembly coalition made up of the LDP and New Komeito loses its majority. Asahi Shimbun