Thursday, July 16, 2009

Problem solved

Society can rest easier now that this 70-year old lady is securely behind bars:

Presiding Judge Satoshi Miyamoto said the woman had a previous record of shoplifting and other offenses, and the nature of her crime "reflected her experience."

...[Miyamoto] said the woman could not avoid prison. Asahi Shimbun* (English)

The welfare recipient had just been released from the pokey in January, but apparently had not learned the error of her ways. Obviously means other than prison could not have been attempted as they would likely fail. Those soft on crime may say that this 2-year sentence is excessive, but it was not their ¥98 eraser which was stolen.

1114 pm update: I have not been able to find out what the "other offenses" were except for other thefts. According to the original Japanese article*, she stole the eraser to use in writing a letter to her son. Note that this is not the usual suspended sentence that is often given to high-ranking corporate types whose decisions kill people, or e-stalking judges like Yasushi Watanabe, but I'm sure the only difference is that they are not repeat offenders.

*It seems that Asahi links go dead in about 3-5 days, so the links to that news organization above should vanish forever by the 22nd or 23rd of July. My mistake for using them.

(Nothing to do with the above, but the Apollo 11 moon mission is being replayed in "real time" here---assuming it really happened and was not some sort of fakery on a Texas sound stage. Wonder if the DPJ's Yukihisa Fujita and the other conspiracy theory nutjobs believe that too? This could be evidence as it is mostly computer simulation.)