Sunday, July 26, 2009

MangaMan still has it

He's not just a soon to be gone (not gone enough, though) gaffe-prone goof:

Prime Minister Taro Aso drew quick fire Saturday after he told a Yokohama gathering of young people the "elderly have no talents other than working."

Speaking at a meeting of the Junior Chamber International Japan, Aso pointed out the differences between youths and seniors, saying, "It would be too late if you (meeting participants) learned to play after the age of 80." Japan Times*

If the LDP is still around in 60 years, those now young folks could go into politics when they reach that age, or is 80 too young for a leadership position?

One should not take this stuff the wrong way though, as it was just Aho's way of encouraging the elderly to remain active. And we know that man is no fool---he could never have achieved his position by being an idiot of some sort.

*Good luck on loading the Japan Times if you have to wait for the new ad which pop-up blockers block. On Firefox it takes 2-3 minutes to load if for some stupid reason I decide to wait. Great idea Japan Times. Who "thought" that up?