Friday, July 03, 2009

I hate blogger

Why do I have to edit html to get the post to look like the preview? And why can't blogger spellchecker spell? And why can't I edit a post from the blog on Firefox like I used to be able to do instead of having to go through the dashboard to do it? And why do post labels disappear when I do? And why does it work on Safari? And why am I starting every sentence with "and"?

Can't wait to get my non-Japan made* MS OS Netbook so I can spend more time in the computer. (Plus I'll be able to do it on a Microsoft OS instead of a Mac. Maybe it will---unlike my Mac---connect to wireless and just work.)

Ahahaha. Just joking about Mac. I love my Mac. No truck bombs through my house by MacNuts please. Hahaha. Just joking about truck bombs CIA, FBI, Japan's finest. I have no connection to Kunio Hatoyama.

And why am I posting this? End of stupid, childish, time-wasting whine.

*Why pay a premium for a Japan-made PC with last year's specs and of no higher quality than one made elsewhere?

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