Friday, July 24, 2009

Oops. We lied. Bugger off.

Hard up for cash, the Foreign Ministry has withdrawn its offer of financial assistance to 100 foreign nationals who applied for recognition as refugees, plunging many of them into misery.

The ministry said it introduced stricter criteria from this fiscal year because of a budget shortfall caused by a sharp rise in the number of applicants.

The assistance serves as a lifeline for applicants. Without it, many are facing dire financial difficulties. Some, unable to pay their rent, have been forced to vacate their apartments. Soon to vanish from Asahi Shimbun

Maybe the ministry can give them money for a plane ticket back home like they did the invited immigrants of Japanese descent. Yes, people must trust and believe the government when they say that they are trying to make life easier for immigrants. Just look at the track record of honestly and dependability that it has shown so far.

I can understand the lack of money. All you have to do is ride along the Tamagawa and watch how they spend tons of money moving mud throughout the year. Then come back to the same area in another year or two and do it again. Who has money for refugees when you gotta keep construction companies busy? If they keep the river looking nice, the refugees with have a place to live under a blue tarp provided that they can afford one.