Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aso gone. Government does something useful. Maybe.

While watching the NHK news, I was somewhat surprised to see that the government is actually doing something in preparation for it arriving in Japan. Whether or not it will work should it become as bad as some say it could is questionable, but at least somebody is on the ball. Maybe it's because MangaMan is in China.

They are setting up special centers for those with suspected flu to go to instead of a regular clinic or hospital. One is supposed to call the local government health department and they will determine which center you should go to. The only problem is, the reporter did not mention how to get the the center. By train? Oh, great idea!

Were I not in Tokyo where I have to ride a train packed up to 198% of capacity (yes, 198% on lines like Denentoshi---what does capacity mean, anyway?) which never, ever, ever,---not even once---fails to have at least one person coughing openly if not giving full bore open-mouth eardrum splitting sneezes and filling the car with their bodily fluids.

But now I do ride the petri-dish system and it's only a matter of time. We already have a supply of masks even though they are said to be next to useless for preventing the transmission of a virus.

How does one properly react when somebody sprays one with sputum if this becomes a dangerous pandemic? Say nothing and pretend everything is OK? Most do that now. Wouldn't wanna make ol' barrel mouth uncomfortable just 'cause he gave you a saliva shower.

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