Sunday, April 19, 2009

But can they understand

Japanese food?

Apart from its economic might, Tokyo is counting on its culinary finesse to woo International Olympic Committee specialists scrutinising its bid to host the Summer Games in 2016. AFP

That was the charge against Michelin when their restaurant rating guide gave Tokyo restaurants such high ratings a few years ago. Some of the more arrogant snobs here claimed that non-Japanese could not possibly understand Japanese food well enough to judge it.* Foreigners could come here and eat foul, slimy, smelly garbage and not know it!**

While on the subject of the Olympics, I was watching the news last week and one program showed Aso speaking in English. They then cut to some blond lady who was in some way connected with the Olympics and she said "The fact that the Japanese prime minister is willing to speak in English is an asset for Japan." I don't really get that, but it seems a bit idiotic to me, and I am quite knowledgeable about things idiotic, according to the resident commie pinko. Knowing how the Olympic process has worked in the past, I would assume that the ability to fork over large globs of money to certain influential folk in the decision making process is perhaps a bigger asset than the language ability of a country's leader.

*Perhaps that's why the "specialists" were treated to Italian at Restorante Aso. Yes, "Aso".

**I am not passing judgment on natto. Honest. It cleans your blood, after all.

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