Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kunio may be immensely angry

"If the report is true, I'm immensely angry... I'll drop him off everything related to terrestrial digital broadcasting," he told reporters. "I'll never forgive him."* AFP

Seems one of the SMAP boys got a little pickled and ran au naturel though a park near Roppongi Mid Town this morning.

Kunio "A.Q." Hatoyama, the ex-Justice Minister turned Minister of TV and Radio Shows, who a few years ago boasted of his al Qaeda contacts might be po'd, but he's not sure until he gets confirmation.

Hmmm. It irritates A.Q.? Sorta makes one wanna get skunked and run leafless through a Tokyo park.

*I haven't seen/heard his original comments and I strongly suspect that they have been poorly translated---sorta like I would do. However, I think that the translation is very befitting of Kuni-kun. The story is on J-cast too, but no mention so far of A.Q. and his inane utterances. Doesn't anyone care?

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