Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ohhh...Fun awaits

Swine flu. Just before Golden Week. Gee, wonder if anyone will bring it back? Not that it would be a problem, because if someone felt a severe cold or flu coming on, they'd stay home and not get on the subway and cough and sneeze all over everyone else and then do the same thing in the office. That would never happen here. And the fellow cooking/preparing/handling your food would wash his hands after he sneezed into them before touching what you are about to eat.

Well, there may be a few exceptions such as the guy at the Starbucks at Akasaka-mitsuke station just across from the subway gates. I mean the fact that a few weeks ago, I watched a guy do that exact thing should not deter anyone from eating there. Being the humorless type, I refused to eat my over-priced factory-built food product with the added germs. Even refused the coffee. I also complained to Starbucks Tokyo. Their reply? Like McDonald's Japan, none. Their way of saying f**k you, I suppose.

Anyway, nobody should worry about a possibly deadly flu virus coming to Japan. Have no fear for MangaMan and the rest are well-prepared and will take aggressive, effective action just like they have for every other problem to hit the country recently. With this on top of all the other problems, perhaps we can find a way to delay elections until all the world's problems are solved. We can't distract our LDP leaders with an election.

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