Saturday, July 05, 2008

You do not have to be stupid to work

for the US consulate in Nigeria, but it helps.

On this red-white-and-blue national holiday, we bring you a simple news story to assure you that our borders are safe from immigrants coming over to work on construction projects and build things in 'murca. Even when it's a couple of mud huts. Even when it's for a museum. Even when an actual U.S. senator gets involved...

...And so our little story ends this way: Real mud, real thatch, real goats, no real rural workmen...

...sums up the state of modern America this way: "We were naive in assuming there wouldn't be any problems."(Read more at the Washington Post article.)

Reason Magazine's blog comments: So the State Department can now proudly declare that it has protected American mud hut builders from the threat of foreign competition.

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