Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big in Japan

A woman from Louisiana with a lot of extra money wrote a popular (in the US) and insightful book about avoiding made-in-China products by substituting much more expensive products made elsewhere. It's not that she is anti-China trade, as she still has not decided for herself whether trade with China is a good or bad thing. Nor has she stopped buying made in China products. She has, however, found that one can get paid for writing a book about such things and get a free trip to sell said book in Japan where the anti made-in-China theme is very popular. (Well, OK the anti made-anywhere-except-Japan theme is not exactly unknown, but the anti-China one is the current fad.)

Being a very bright person, after a year of kinda, maybe not always buying made-in-China products and then writing her masterpiece, she shrewdly observed:

...that the affordability of Chinese products makes shopping amusing and goods disposable...

"It's too late to turn away because we cannot live without (We'll die?) Chinese goods," she said.

The Japan Times put this online with a straight face here.

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