Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More corruption or just a big misunderstanding? If it involves the Olympics, I personally wouldn't be very shocked at corruption. Since this involves cycling (keirin, a type of track cycling which is as much of a gambling event as a sport) and Japan it may be of interest...

The BBC reported on its website that it possesses documents which "reveal a series of substantial payments to the UCI, which began just two months after the keirin was accepted into the Olympics in December 1996.”

The report, which was denied by a top Japanese official, claims that $3 million was "paid by organizers of a Japanese cycling event to the UCI - the world cycling body.” From VeloNews.

It involves UCI too? Oh, I'm shocked! Even if it's not true, it seems so likely that it should be.

1203PM The UCI strongly denies all of this.

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