Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nuts with knives

Just last week, in a move meant more to give an impression of being able to actually do something about murder, the government came up with the clever idea of banning daggers of a certain size. This was because the mass murderer at Akihabara used daggers (and a rental truck) to kill his victims.

This was not a serious effort to do anything as it is very easy to predict that if a murderer is going to commit murder, that thing could substitute a kitchen knife for a dagger. That apparently is what happened yesterday in Hachioji as another sleazer (Oh, am I being insensitive to the creature? After all he had job problems and his parents may have been less perfect in his mind than he had hoped.) killed one woman and injured another with a newly purchased knife with a 15cm blade.

Well, if you can't do anything, it is at least good to put on a show of doing something. Could the problems of these types of people be deeper and more complex---and ultimately unsolvable---than the type of knife (or truck) they use?

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