Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I love Yahoo BB

Everyone should have it at least once to learn their lesson.

We have used it for years mainly because it was the cheapest way to get basic Internet access back when NTT still had government support for monopolizing everything and charging monopoly prices (i.e. ripping people off for no reason except greed). When the government ended that, I suspect the savings aspect shrank or disappeared to a large degree.

It was especially enjoyable when we moved 2 years ago, as it took Yahoo (Softbank) more than 5 days to simply switch our service to our new apartment. They did not have to install anything, just throw a switch. NTT users have told me that NTT can do that in a day or so.

Recently, we switched to Yahoo's optical fiber network with a speed of around 54MBs instead of the 11 (at best) of the ADSL or whatever we were using. We have so far only been able to get the necessary software on one computer. When we have tried to install it on the other, we get an "Alert" that reads "Not supported by English OS." That would be disappointing if the computer actually had an English OS instead of the original Japanese OS. Never had any other than the Japanese.

Yahoo customer service is of nearly no help as they appear to be reading off a computer screen without a real clue of what they are talking about. (They once told my wife that we needed a separate Yahoo router for each computer.)

It's all part of the great fun involved everytime we do something with Yahoo BB. In the past I have always been able to figure out how to get their stuff to work mainly by ignoring their customer service advice and working through the problem. Doing that kind of stuff in Japanese is even more fun. (I have also learned to ignore my wife's translations of difficult to understand prompts, error messages, instructions etc. "I think it means you should or shouldn't do something with some kind of thing, maybe." Right. Thanks for the help.)

Now all I gotta do is figure out how to get the installation CD-ROM to recognize a Japanese OS as Japanese. Could it have been tainted because a non-Japanese used it, therefore losing a part of its Japaneseness?

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