Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Our tax yen at work

When the Senba Kitcho sales of pre-owned food as new was first reported, I wondered what the government was doing about these types of seemingly endless food scandals. Naturally they and the media wet their undies about any possible problems with food originating outside of safety Japan, but seemed not to give a rat's derrière about tainted Japanese origin food.

Well, I should not have worried as although the government may not be overly concerned about the peasants eating bad food, they are not just sitting around wasting time and taxpayer money on silly useless things. PM Fukuda is a man of action and expects the same of everyone else. Shisaku analyzes the latest government suggestions for education revision (no, it's not pretending that WW2 is a myth created by the Chinese) and the groundbreaking idea by a group of forward-thinking Diet members to move the Japanese language ahead to the 1930s.

Now I can understand why this government has been the envy of the world for decades. I feel confident about the future and will predict that nothing will change for the better unless these old, old men with ideas even older suddenly are replaced by people with a clue. That will never happen.

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