Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hatayama again expresses the uniquely Japanese

love of life. Three more convicted murderers were hanged yesterday, including Tsutomo Miyazaki. Miyazaki had killed four young girls in the late 80s and cannibalized them. He also sent their bones to their parents.

The world is no worse off without him or the others around---if they were truly guilty (and perhaps if one believes that society has the moral authority to kill people). The problem is: What if they were not.

[Psychologist] Hasegawa said he doubts Miyazaki realized what was happening when he was taken to the gallows Tuesday morning. "If he did not realize it, the execution may not have had any meaning," he said. Japan Times article.

Since the vast majority of those arrested (98-99%?) in Japan are found guilty, we can rest assured that there could be no mistakes....

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