Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hatoyama concerned about insults to the executed

Justice Minister Hatoyama was upset over an article in which he was called the "grim reaper" due to the record number of executions that he has authorized. He was not especially upset over any insults to himself, but was concerned that those whose executions he finalized were insulted by the article.

In defense of Hatoyama, he probably isn't as heartless as it may appear. He is accurate when he says that he is carrying out the law and the will of society in allowing these executions. There is certainly no big public backlash against them, and in fact, there seems to be little debate about whether or not executions are effective in reducing crime or are morally acceptable. He earlier expressed a desire to make the process more automated so that the Justice Minister would not have to be so involved in the final approval. It obviously is not easy for him.

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