Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Visual Kei

I don't get out as much as I should, but even I have heard of Visual Kei often enough recently to become curious about it. Then I found a link here to an article which has made me even more so.

Researching this new-found interest certainly helps pass the time during semi-unemployment and the depressing prospect of having to return to full-time EFL "teaching" at one of the related let-us-be-the-middle-guy-that-parasites-off-of-you-and-the-student-while-adding-absolutely-nothing-of-value-but-instead-pushing-some-ridiculous-based-on-fantasy-method-and-grossly-overcharging-the-student kaisha. Actually, being a doped-up androgynous musician who doesn't necessarily understand music while being a sort of slave to a somewhat less-than-wonderful record label sounds attractive in comparison. Now where's my lipstick...

Glad to see that the economy is recovering.

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