Friday, March 12, 2010

Oops. Someone (or everyone?) is nuts

I missed it, but then again, I miss everything anymore, in part because I am trying to type Japanese on a computer. Great fun. I somehow end up with weird kanji all over the place (forgot to hit return every after nearly every word), or forgetting a double consonant or a long vowel and since the computer is not nearly as smart as my stupid Canon Wordtank G90 electronic dictionary, it is not smart enough to guess or give me reasonable choices. No, it will give me every rarely used kanji in the dictionary, while the simple very commonly used kanji that I am looking for is at the bottom of a gadzillion character list. (#$%& It cannot even list the effing kanji for tsuishin---P.S. How effing rare is that?*) On second thought, it is just like my Wordtank.**

Anyway, the Washington Post in a Monday Idiotorial discovered that Yukihisa Fujita is a September 11 conspiracy theorist and decided this somehow meant that the DPJ was anti-'merican or sumtin' like that there.

Well, (to use an overused and long out-of-date expression, "Duh!") Good god man, (Lee Hockstader) even I knew that Fujita was a bit whacked on the September 11 conspiracy a year ago. What kind of "reporter/editorialist" does that make Lee? And how does that make the whole gubberment anti-US? Damned Reds.

Better discussed at the usual suspects here, here, and also here. (I very strongly recommend avoiding the first comment on the latter if you have eaten recently. My opinion on that is irrefutable, so STFU.)

*No wait, it found it on the fourth or fifth try of entering the same word. No wonder Fujita believes in nutty conspiracy theories---anyone forced to type much in Japanese will soon be nuttier than a fruitcake. And I have being doing it a lot recently...)

**Great piece of 1990s-level technology. I understand, from the Internut, that it does not have all the kanji (huh?), but only the ones that Japanese aren't likely to know. To test that theory I once entered 一. To my amazement it was in the dictionary! Apparently, most Japanese do not know that most basic character. What has the education system come to?

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