Wednesday, March 03, 2010

One demonstration of extreme idiocy deserves another

Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb: "Until the Japanese government can assure us that all of the defects are out of these vehicles, we're just not going to accept any vehicles from Japan." Referring to restrictions on U.S. beef, he said, "That's what they did with one of our industries."

Later during the hearing, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said the issue "needs to be raised" and promised to bring it up with the Japanese ambassador and in a trip to Japan.* USA Today

Quite funny, but I am sure that Sen. Mike is not suggesting that because there are a number of idiots in in high places Japan that the US should emulate them any more than necessary.

This sort of thing will get the Japan as innocent-victim-of-evil-foreigners crowd all excited and provide more "evidence" for conspiracy theories. (We'll leave out the part about Japan and US beef though.)

*Gotta admit, as childish and spiteful as it is, I do get a bit of a kick out of LaHood bringing it up to the Japanese ambassador. Would love to be there.

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