Thursday, March 04, 2010

Got Get lots of spam? Thank Google...

...the fellows who claim, rather unconvincingly, to do no evil*. Seems Google crawls some site called that pulls the e-mail address from blogger profiles and posts them on the web.

Even better, should anyone be so incurably stupid as to post suggestions or ask for help on Google Groups, that fool will find his/her e-mail address published on the web by Goody-2-Shoes Google.

(One can test by entering the e-mail address associated with his/her blog and see what Google comes up with. Yes, you have to know the address to find it easily that way, but the fact that it is openly available all over the Internet would not be appreciated by anyone except spammers. And Google.)

*When someone tells you, "I never lie," what do you immediately think? Would Google be different?

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