Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ex-Thug writes book, gets rich, has interview,

becomes confused:

...he raises social, political and media facts...[Emphasis mine]

Asked why Japan allows the yakuza, he gives the old "the US does it too" whine as part of his answer:

The (U.S.) government is in fact the biggest gangster group. That's why they are engaged in acts of torture at Abu Ghraib prison (in Iraq) and confinement (at the Guatanamo Bay detention center in Cuba). Compared to the level of atrocities committed in these places, acts committed by Japanese gangs probably rate only about one 100-millionth.

... I think the yakuza show the maturity of a country's democracy. I think a society with the yakuza is a sound society...

He then warns us about countries/governments that have eliminated their organized thugs---Nazi Germany, Pol Pot, North Korea. Therefore, if we eliminate organized child porn producing, drug dealing, extortionist, murdering gangs, we'll become like Nazis. "Where the yakuza aren't involved, nations are."

Although he earlier gave us the fact that the US is the world's biggest gangster group because of Abu Ghraib, he doesn't hesitate to show us that Japan is actually a worse gangster:

...Japanese prisons are said to be worse than Abu Ghraib in the treatment of inmates...From where else but the Japan Times

He (Manabu Miyazaki) also opposes the new lay judge system because a democracy is run by "specialist bureaucrats" who "can often make efficient and fair decisions" and that citizen participation might not always be good*. On the other hand, he is not happy about the charges against Ozawa's secretary and believes that the prosecution has political motives.

The ex-loan shark then gives a very shrewd, shallow analysis of Obama's election: People didn't like Bush, so they elected Obama who is like former PM Koizumi because both are populists.

Of course one should read the full article to get the full impact and meaning.

*Edited to more accurately reflect his actual (translated) words.

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