Sunday, February 08, 2009

What's the problem?

If this is true and racial discrimination has occured, I fail to see anything wrong with it. After all, according to a couple of fellows who write columns for the Japan Times, there is no problem with Japanese discriminating against others:

Mitsui & Co., ... have been accused in a lawsuit of discriminating against non-Asian employees by denying them equal pay and promotional opportunities.

"Mitsui USA and Mitsui Japan have a strict policy requiring that the top positions and virtually any position managing personnel at the company be filled by the all Japanese/Asian staff," according to the complaint. Japan Times.

Anyway, I know that this sort of thing could not possibly be true. I mean, it would be so unlike a Japanese organization to have such a policy. Unimaginable. The suit is in the US too, where everyone selfishly sues over every little thing.

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