Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shoot me. Please, just shoot me.

"I've been to 38 countries around the world, but there's no other country like Japan that has such dynamic seasonal changes. It's incredible. I'm not exaggerating and it really is fantastic," 74-year-old Hymas said in a recent interview in Tokyo.

A resident in Japan since 1974, Hymas said that his more than 40-year love affair with landscapes of rural Japan, which are distinctive in every season [Is this not usual in temperate climates everywhere? WTF?], led him to nearly every corner of this country.

...his current nature phase marks "a huge departure from my earlier work as a professional acrobat," as he put it. Asahi Shinbun (English) Maybe that explains something? Old noggin injury, perhaps?

I must be living in another world.


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