Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Below is a post about Nakagawa Shoichi's remarks concerning the recent (and, unfortunately, entirely predictable) moves toward open protectionism by the US Congress. He was right in those comments, but he seems to have been a little less on target at other times during the G7 as observed (sorry) at Observing Japan. Are there any surprises left? I actually feel sorry for the man. What kind of idiots on his staff allowed that to take place?

Speaking of Observing Japan, Tobias Harris blog post is featured in an article by Andrew Dewitt/Tobias Harris: Japan's Twenty Year Response to Economic Crisis. (23 Feb, Sorry, I forgot to link to that at Japan Focus)

And speaking of blogs, the world's most succinct summary of Japan's governance is at Shisaku (where Nakagawa's performance is also covered). Fifty years of Boy George...

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