Thursday, February 19, 2009

A man breaks into a young woman's home

with the intent of satisfying his "abnormal sex desire" by raping her. However, he does not rape her, but abducts her to his apartment, then murders her by stabbing her in the neck, then cuts up her body and flushes parts of her down the toilet.

Later, after he is arrested, he expresses (sincere?) remorse for doing all that.

The murder itself did not meet the Supreme Court standards for a death sentence. Besides, he (only?) premeditated rape but did not actually commit it, and although the unpremeditated murder and dismemberment was "selfish and self-centered," he said that he was sorry.

Because of that expression of remorse there is hope for rehabilitation, said the judge.

There is no hope for the young lady. Story at the Asahi Shimbun/IHT.

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