Saturday, August 16, 2008

Words of Wisdom?

As usual, the anniversary of Japan's surrender was marked with a number of ceremonies. And, as usual, the right-wingers had a nice gathering at Yasukuni. Even some of Fukuda's cabinet showed up in order to keep thier and the LDP's extreme right credentials in order.

This is nothing new and just goes to show that some of the nutjobs will never change. Fortunately, we have a young generation of non-Japanese (and Japanese) who will put things into the proper touchy-feely, lovey dovey perspective with deep and thoughtful observations:

Meanwhile, a 24-year-old Canadian visitor to Yasukuni...said Japan and its neighbors must "understand and acknowledge one another's traditions and beliefs" to overcome diplomatic tensions.

"I can understand where both sides are coming from," he said of the dispute over visits by politicians to Yasukuni Shrine, but added that Japan's neighbors might be better off if they avoided overreacting and viewing the visits as diplomatic statements and instead "accept it for what it is."

All those mistaken foreigners (and the Japanese who marched in anti-Yasukuni protest Friday) should show more patience and tolerance for the rightwingers of Japan who are visiting Yauskuni in innocence and purity.

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