Saturday, August 09, 2008

Do you follow proper hygienic practices, doc?

Should anyone not already be aware, people who have had their blood checked recently should consult a doctor, because of the widespread reuse of blood-checking devices.

Reuse was acknowledged at 65 percent of the hospitals that provided the blood-check service and 48 percent of the clinics, according to the ministry
Japan Times.

Years ago I read one of the many books about living in Japan in which advice was given on where to go and how to do the normal things for daily life. In a section about visiting a dentist, the author recommended checking the dentist's equipment to make sure that it was clean. I never understood how one was to do this. "Excuse me, may I inspect your tools for signs of bacteria or remnants from your last patient's teeth?" Even if you could check them, how would you know if they were properly sterilized or not?

Perhaps it might be a good idea to ask if the needle being inserted into your body by your medical professional is new or used.

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