Saturday, August 09, 2008

Security in Bush's America

I am not so sure that the US is safer than before even with all the power that the US government has taken for itself to spy on its own citizens.

Seven years after anthrax was sent through the US mail and killed several people, Uncle Sam investigated and smeared the wrong guy before grudgingly sort of admitting that maybe it may have possibly been less that perfectly correct about him. They admitted this after another scientist whom they were sure was the killer committed suicide which means that the FBI will never have to prove its latest suspicions in court, so we'll just have to trust them. Gee this is even better than the military trials at Guantanamo.

The new suspect---now assumed guilty without trial---had indications of mental problems for years. He may have been a stalker, he admitted being paranoid, he bought a gun (while under FBI surveillance and investigation) and threatened mass murder. Then, again while under government surveillance, he killed himself.

No doubt that the way to greater security is to trade a little freedom for it. Some naysayer once said that folks who do that deserve neither and will ultimately lose both. However, he had some skeletons in his own closest which would negate the validity of anything he said, according to some.

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