Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rightwing denies sex slaves In US ad

in the Washington Post. They must assume if they persist in this fiction enough that the rest of the world will agree with them. Their point seems to be that all of the victims of the Imperial Japanese Army's sex slavery are a bunch of liars, and that all the evidence--documentary and otherwise---is fake since so far nobody has found a specific type of document that they say is required to prove it happened. Is this type of evidence required to prove other historic events? Would it be required in a civil or criminal trial? Is this bunch the elite that Fujiwara Masahiko suggests should run Japan in a dictatorship?

AN Australian woman forced into sex slavery in World War II says she is trembling with anger at a Japanese Government advertisement denying the war-time atrocities.

The ad, signed by 44 members of Japan’s parliament, seeks to share “the truth with the American people” about the 200,000 “comfort women” who were driven into brothels during World War II. Article HERE


"The ianfu [comfort women] who were embedded with the Japanese army were not, as is commonly reported, sex slaves," it says. "They were working under a system of licensed prostitution that was commonplace around the world at the time."

The advertisement also says that many of the women earned more money than senior officers.

Article HERE

And more HERE

Since George Bush has accepted Abe's "apology" (What was Abe sorry for if it never happened?) and since he is an apparent ex-sex slave of the Japanese Imperial Army, (why else would he accept the apology?) perhaps the world will kowtow to these liars. Has Japan's elite--one can assume the elite that Fujiwara worships---changed since WW2? We are assured they have.

The important thing is that denying the sex slave issue is not the only goal of this bunch. The elite right-wing in Japan also wants to deny other thigs, such as the Bataan Death March and the Nanjing Massacre and any WW2 atrocities in general. In fact, they want to deny that Japan was wrong in WW2.

It's good that these folks placed that ad. Perhaps more people will take notice of exactly what kind of allies we are getting in the LDP elitists of Japan. If their influence continues to rise and their beliefs become more and more accepted and mainstream in Japan, perhaps then we will see just how much Japan has become more democratic and westernized as per Reischauer's old now discredited claims.

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