Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Is this woman lying?

Abe and his ilk imply that she is. Japan's ambassador to the US implies that she is.

....Zhou has broken decades of silence to speak of her traumatic experience as a "comfort woman" -- the euphemism the invading Japanese used to describe women forced into sex slavery.

"I hid with my husband's sister under a millstone. Later, the Japanese soldiers discovered us and pulled us out by our legs. They tied us both to their vehicle. Later they used more ropes to tie and secure us and drove us away," she told Reuters in her home village in Jiangsu province.

Does this fit the "narrow" sense of coercion that Abe talks about or the regular meaning? I can't recall exactly how he tried to wiggle out of what he said and meant.

Full article on Reuters while it lasts. HERE

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