Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Japan's special relationship with nature: ivory and CITIES

THE Standing Committee of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) has disregarded evidence of Japan�s poor record on regulating ivory trade and instead officially released 60 tonnes of stockpiled ivory for importation to that country.

Whales should not feel that they are a special case.

vidence that Japan clearly fails to meet the bar set by the CITES framework...

The Standing Committee is disregarding this evidence just as it ignores that the 2.8 tonne seizure of contraband ivory in Osaka in August of last year ...

...This decision was made without the knowledge of the recent 2.8 tonne seizure of contraband ivory in Osaka, which the Japanese did not disclose until after the meeting of the SC... investigative report released by IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare; last week details significant loopholes in the Japanese system that allow illegal ivory derived from elephants poached in the wild to be laundered in astronomical sums into the legal domestic ivory market. From the Matangi Tonga Online.

Unique Japan. We can all be sure there is a logical explanation for all this. Perhaps it's a misunderstanding of traditional Japanese culture by stupid foreigners---sorry baka gaijin.
Or, perhaps it's all foreign lies like the sex slaves, Nanjing, The Death March of Bataan, or claims that Foreign Minister Abe's family business used POW labor in WW2. All lies and evidence to the contrary is never the correct evidence. Some may explain it a zen-related. One can be sure, however, that in some way Japan is being victimized by all this.

Full article from Matangi Tonga Online here

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