Monday, June 18, 2007

Japanese angered by government's WW2 denials

Okinawan Japanese are anyway. The Education Ministry, in its drive to resolve the Japanese military of any wrongdoing in WW2, earlier "asked" school textbook publishers to remove references to the Imperial Army forcing Okinawan civilians to commit suicide. They all done did it themselves. Anyone who was there and has a different memory than the current kooks in power must be liars. Or senile. Just like all the former sex slaves. (Except for George Bush who accepted Abe's private "apology" for the sex slave issue which never happened anyway.)

The education ministry earlier this year requested publishers of history textbooks remove claims that the Imperial Japanese Army forced Okinawa residents to commit mass suicide during the waning days of World War II.

Again, like the sex slave issue, the kooks say there is no solid evidence (well except for witnesses and survivors, but they don't count):

...ministry officials said the accepted wisdom was that there was no solid proof that the military had overseen mass suicides in the southernmost prefecture...

The LDP caucus in the prefectural assembly had held off taking a position on the matter for several weeks. It felt there was not sufficient evidence to prove that the military had ordered or encouraged civilian suicide. (This was the local LDP caucus.)

Not all agree with the nutjobs:

Several Okinawans have testified that Japanese soldiers gave them hand grenades and told them to blow themselves up. Civilians were made to believe that U.S. soldiers would commit terrible atrocities.

But they must be liars. Everybody in the world is a bunch a lying nuts, except for the LDP, Abe, and the rest of their fellow traveling elite revisionists in Japan and elsewhere.

Full article from Asahi HERE

Another article from the Stars and Stripes HERE.

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