Friday, September 22, 2006

Teachers needed!!

Remember a few weeks ago when the nutjob in Thailand falsely confessed to being he killer of the young Colorado girl? We were able to read articles that poor little schools and companies just didn't have the time or money to do background checks or hire proper teachers. How are they to know of someone is qualified or not?

Here is what is really important:

established American-owned English school with locations in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto seeks aggressive salespersons, promoters and teachers in one. Prefer background in sales or marketing. No teaching experience OK. Any nationality with proper visa, business attire, energy, nice smile apply to: us.

Now I am no defender of any eikaiwa chain scam---oops, school, but what this place claims is somewhat less than true---at least for Berlitz, which is the only eikaiwa chain I have had any first-hand experience (nightmares?) with. They compare here. Reader beware!!! Applicant beware even more!!! (It is still the same old chain-school "McJob" set up as far as I can see from their site, except they are asking the "teachers" to sell too. That has always been a warning sign.)

Students get additional benefits. After they have become fluent from studying under their promoter/salesperson non-teachers, they can become a "Desciple"

Bet that place is a fine place to work! Come, teach English in Japan.

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