Saturday, September 23, 2006

Aesthetically Superior Japan

As I read the best seller The Dignity of a State, I too am getting all excited about how beauty is so uniquely instinctively understood by the average Japanese in ways that less sensitive baka foreigners can never come close to comprehending.

Why, a quick walk around any neighborhood will reveal this. Just a stone's throw from Denenchofu---curiously referred to by some as Tokyo's Beverly Hills---reveal this subtle, natural beauty which most foreigners miss. And, of course, the electric wires hanging willynilly all over the place just add the final touch of perfection.

I suppose there are some who would question the aesthetics, which would just prove the point that Masahiko Fujiwara, the author of the aforementioned tome was making: Simpleminded non-Japanese just cannot understand... wareware nihonjin!

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