Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Princess Kiko has a new baby boy.

or, is he a god like some of the old rightwing retroーgrouches like to claim the emperor is. At any rate, any possibility of considering a woman as emperor is now gone forever---or at least a really long time. The media has started to go nuts---like the US media did when Princess Diana died.

This will be good for the emperor worshipers which are still more numerous in Japan than we were led to believe by folks like ol' Eddy O. Reischauer. One of the big concerns the bigoted fools who run the country have, is that if a woman became emperor, she could marry an evil, disgusting "blue-eyed foreigner" and their child ---with the polluted "mixed" blood could become emperor as former trade minister Takeo Hinamura stated:

Former trade minister Takeo Hiranuma said at a rally in February that ``if Aiko becomes the reigning empress, and gets involved with a blue-eyed foreigner while studying abroad and marries him, their child may be emperor,'' according to the Associated Press. ``We should never let that happen

Imagine what would happen if she married someone from another Asian country or someone with darker skin, say of African descent. Eeew, the pure Japanese blood would be polluted! (Oh, don't ever mention that Japanese blood is not pure anyway, since Ainu, Chinese, and Korean are in the Japanese gene pool.)

Ah, but there is no bigotry or racism in Japan.

Be aware that Hinamura is not really a member of the Ku Klux Klan. He is just a typical Japanese leader who like Fujiwara, is protecting the Dignity of a State. Banzai!!!

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