Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Rightwing and Criticism

caused the fire at Kato's house, and as mentioned below, it appears to be arson, perhaps related to Kato's criticism of the Yasukuni visit. A detailed article is here.

Despite all this, one can't be misled by China's distorted claims that Japan is reverting to the militarism of WW2. It isn't. There is no present danger of Japan attacking any country. Except for the loony few there is no support for any such thing in Japan. China is as guilty as Japan---if not more so---in stirring up nationalism inside the country.

Korea plays this game too: (from the New York Sun)

President Roh of South Korea called on Japan to "prove it has no intention to repeat"its past aggression as his government summoned the Japanese ambassador to issue an official protest.

These kinds of statements are ridiculous, and I have to believe they know it when they make them. I spent 2 years in Korea in the Air Force, and well remember that the Japanese were demonized and hated by a huge percentage of the population. In fact, they were more worried about Japan attacking than North Korea, even though North Korea constantly sent spies to South Korea, kidnapped South Koreans, blew up half of the ROK government, attempted to assassinate the South Korea president/dictator Park Chung Hee, blew up an airliner and much more. To worry about Japan was and is absurd.

Japan is becoming more assertive and doing so in some peculiar ways. However, the threat to the region is not Japan---it is South Korea's brother to the north, Kim Jung Il. His father had no problem with starting wars and committing terrorist acts, does Kim Jung Il?

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