Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fujiwara's "Dignity of a State"

Fujiwara Masahiko's best seller in Japan. I mentioned this earlier and have bought a copy. I intended to do some basic translation, but I have been beaten to it, thank goodness!

Fujiwara comes across as just another Nihonjinron bakero who believes that Japan, and thus the Japanese, and of course most especially himself are uniquely unique and in the end superior to all others on earth---in fact to the whole known (and unknown) universe. He opposes democracy, and about anything else he deems "western." He especially despises logic. Very unusual for a mathematician. But since anyone with any logic would laugh at the old fool's conclusion, one can understand his disdain for it.

You can read some basic translation and commentary here. He is up to about chapter 5 currently and it is quite interesting. You have to read it, the old goofball seems to be a total fool! (Naturally, he would probably claim that just because what he says is illogical---except when he has to use logic to prove a point---as a stupid simple-minded logical Westerner, you would be too stupid to understand anyway.) Remember, this is a best seller in Japan. Obviously, people are very attracted, or at least interested in what this old rightwing nationalist nutter has to say. The question is why?

I guess one can judge Fujiwara's knowledge of the world by understanding that he, like many other shall we say, "somewhat poorly informed/educated people," believes that Japan is the only country with 4 clearly distinct seasons. Many people believe that here, and everytime someone tells me such idiotic nonsense, I lose all respect for their intelligence, especially when that person has lived overseas in an area which has 4 distinct seasons. This old boy has done so.

We can understand why he has not had this translated and published in English. It would have to be sold as humor.

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